Dining In Maui – Because Food’s One Of The Fun Things About Vacationing

dining in maui

True, a vacation on one of Hawaii’s most beautiful islands is a dream come true. Hopefully you’ve already figured out that Maui condo rentals are the best decision when it comes to accommodations, but what about food? Nearly everyone knows that one of the most anticipated aspects of going on vacation is enjoying different and delicious foods. For some reason, you just get hungrier when you’re away from home and all of the foods you eat on a regular basis! If you’re visiting friends or vacationing in the West Maui area, we have a few suggestions as far as dining goes.

Of course, as with any locale you may visit, some restaurants are expensive, others moderately priced, and some inexpensive for those who don’t want to spend their entire vacation budget eating out. Here are a few of our favorites in every category:

Expensive, for those who want to enjoy dining in Maui – A few of the restaurants that come to mind include Merriman’s in Kapalua, Sea House in Napali, Frida’s Mexican in Lahaina, Roy’s Ka’anapali, Hula Grill, and Pulehu Italian Grill – all in Ka’anapali, where our Maui condo rentals are located.

Many vacationers tend to stick to moderately priced restaurants, and if this is your preference you’ll definitely want to consider Leilani’s, Ka’anapali Grille, Umalu at the Hyatt, Castaway Cafe, and Tiki Terrace – all located in Ka’anapali. Kimo’s Maui and Bubba Gump in Lahaina are also excellent choices.

If you’d prefer to eat on the cheap and save your vacation budget for shopping, golfing, taking a helicopter tour, taking a cruise, or other activities, there are plenty of inexpensive restaurants in West Maui from which you can choose including CJ’s Deli & Diner, Joey’s Kitchen, Round Table Pizza and Sangrita Grill & Cantina – all in Ka’anapali – as well as several in Lahaina including favorites such as Penne Pasta Cafe, Lahainaluna Cafe, Prison Street Pizza, Captain Jack’s Restaurant, and Shark Pit, among many others.

Overall favorites of those who have vacationed in West Maui in the past include the Paia Fish Market Restaurant in Lahaina, the Pacific’O Restaurant, Cool Cat’s Cafe, Down the Hatch, and Kobe Japanese Steak House/Oku’s Sushi Bar.

As you can see there’s no shortage of delicious fare to fill your tummy and provide the energy you need to explore our magnificent island! These are just a few suggestions; there are countless other restaurants, diners, and cafes to suit every budget.

If you’re headed to West Maui, be sure to check out our fabulous condo vacation rentals at Honua Kai’s Finest! Luxury and all of the comforts of home are what you can expect, whether it’s the two of you or an army of family and friends. Don’t settle for less!

Heading To Maui For Vacation? Facts About The Island You Probably Don’t Know

maui for vacation

If you’ve never been to Maui, chances are you picture plentiful sunshine, tropical surroundings, and of course magnificent beaches. While all of this is true and not a figment of your imagination, there are a few facts about our wonderful island we think you’ll find interesting. Headed to Maui for vacation? Be sure to book your Maui condo rental now before they’re all gone! Meanwhile, enjoy these interesting facts.

Hiking a volcano is common. Most people don’t picture a volcano as something you hike, but lots of visitors hike up Haleakala, a shield volcano at the Haleakala National Park that rises more than 10,000 feet above sea level! Of course the volcano is dormant, and its name means “house of sun” so you’ll want to be sure to bring along the sunscreen.

Where does the name ‘Maui’ come from? According to legend, the Hawaiian islands were pulled from the sea from by a demi-god named Maui. Other than legend, some say the island was named after the son of a Polynesian navigator who discovered the island.

Sand isn’t just sand – and it isn’t all a bland beige color! Most people have seen plenty of sand in their lifetimes, most of it beige in color. On Maui you’ll experience gorgeous beaches with white, red, and even black sand depending on which beaches you visit. For instance, the sand is a beautiful black color at Waianapanapa Beach due to the fact that the sand consists of lava pebbles.

One of our trees is humongous – and we do mean big! Okay, so who in the world wants to see a tree when they’re headed to Maui? You may change your mind when considering the size of what is said to be the biggest tree in the U.S., a banyan tree that takes up almost an acre of space in Lahaina and is 142 years old! With 16 trunks supporting this massive tree, it’s a popular spot for parties and festivals, and truly a magnificent sight.

Of course you don’t have to hike a volcano or go see the banyan tree, but it’s fun information to know. With all there is to do and see on Maui you’ll have a hard time fitting it all in! At Honua Kai’s Finest, our Maui condo rentals are the best you will find, offering luxurious amenities, spectacular views, quick access to the water, and much more. Book your vacation rental today!

Lahaina And Kaanapali In West Maui Make For An Amazing Vacation


Of course the entire island of Maui is fabulous, however if you’ve booked your Maui condo rental with our resort or any other in West Maui, you’ll be happy to know there’s plenty to do in terms of activities, things to see, restaurants, exploring opportunities, historical sites, and much more! Ka’anapali and Lahaina are some of the most popular destinations on the island, each with a plethora of fun, exciting, and interesting adventures. Whether you’re passionate about golfing; love touring art galleries or museums; or can’t wait to participate in water activities, shopping, or dining; get ready to have the time of your life!

Lahaina’s Front Street is where you’ll enjoy a refreshing tropical cocktail after exploring the crafts, local art, souvenirs, clothing boutiques, and other shops and events in this historical town known for people watching and adventure. It’s where you can “hang out,” relax, and enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Considering the snorkeling tours, surf shops and all there is to do, you may want to set aside an entire day to enjoy Front Street.

Lahaina is also where you’ll find a town party known as “Second Friday” on the second Friday of each month, a great opportunity for the entire family to enjoy live music, unique gifts crafted in Maui, hula performances, sumptuous food vendors, art, mini-parties at the galleries and local shops, and more, stretching along the above-mentioned Front Street!

Ka’anapali – Whalers Village is essentially an outdoor shopping center located just a stone’s throw away from the beach. If you love shopping, you’ll think you’re in heaven. If it’s not really a passion, not to worry – Whalers Village offers a museum where you can learn all about the Humpback whales and their yearly migration to our state, or the Center Stage where members of your family will enjoy hula lessons, lei making, and even demonstrations of coconut husking, and more. You can also book snorkeling, whale-watching, or other ocean activities at Whalers Village and grab a bite to eat while you’re here.

MauiGrown Coffee Farm in Lahaina is something you definitely won’t want to miss if you’re a coffee connoisseur! You’ve heard of farm-to-table, but what about seed-to-cup? Explore the farm and enjoy tasting the rare varieties made from Moka, Red Catuai, Typica, and Yellow Caturra coffee beans, including Maui Mokka and others. Truly a coffee lover’s dream!

Horseback riding at Ironwood Ranch, touring the many historical sites in Lahaina, shopping, browsing the museums and souvenir shops, snorkeling, golfing, exploring the culture and magnificent landscape – so much to do, so little time! You’ll definitely want to take a day or two to enjoy Ka’anapali Beach where our Maui condo rentals are located – a beautiful stretch of beach offering sunset tours, parasailing, snorkeling tours, stand-up paddling, rock jumping at Black Rock, and quick access to great food, shopping, and nighttime activities catering to the adults in your group.

West Maui is where many people who vacation in Hawaii choose to spend all of their time because of the beautiful surroundings, luxurious accommodations, and diverse activities for every member of the family. If you’re planning a getaway to our spectacular island, be sure to check out our Maui condo vacation rentals at Honua Kai’s Finest!

Tourist Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid When Vacationing In Maui

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Perhaps it’s your first time vacationing in Maui; if so, congratulations! You’re going to have the time of your life, especially if you choose one of our fabulous Maui condo rentals instead of a cramped and uncomfortable hotel room. Accommodations aside, there are a few mistakes tourists make when visiting our beautiful island that we want to help you avoid.

Clean, pure, pristine – and that’s how we like to keep it, so that means no littering. That includes not only cups, but also fast-food bags and other trash, and cigarette butts too!

Be safe at all times. Likely all that’s on your mind is enjoying the beach, exploring the reefs or taking a dip underneath one of the gorgeous waterfalls. Be aware that any of these activities can be dangerous; imagine what could come over that waterfall, including large pieces of wood or even rocks! Certain fish are poisonous, and shore break waves in the ocean can leave even the best swimmer turned upside down. Common sense is always a good thing!

Leave valuables in your Maui condo rental, keep them on your person, or place them in the trunk out of sight. While Maui isn’t known for crime, theft is the most common offense. The last thing you want is to hop out of your rental car and head toward the beach only to return and find your iPhone, money, or other valuables gone.

Bring along the right clothes and footwear. Sure, it’s okay to run around barefoot occasionally, but sand can be extremely hot on your tootsies, as can cement – and don’t even think about the thorns from Kiawe trees! Bring along some beach sandals at the very least, and a long sleeve shirt or sweater if you intend to visit the Haleakala Crater or go Upcountry. While the weather is generally tropical, there are a few cool spots.

Our rock, sand, and shells are part of our landscape and are special to natives, so you may want to consider other souvenirs such as those at the many shops.

Make sure you bring along the sunscreen, manage your time well and set aside ample time for those activities that may take the better part of a day, and have a blast! Most important of all, book your Maui condo rental well ahead of time to avoid huge disappointment. Count on Honua Kai’s Finest for luxurious, comfortable surroundings and fantastic ocean views!