Maui Condo Rental – Most Popular Maui Activities When Vacationing

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Although browsing for a Maui condo rental will be top on your list if you’re planning a vacation to our beautiful island, you’ll also want to know about all of the activities, tours, live shows, and other things that make Maui a spectacular place to spend your vacation or leisure time. We have a few suggestions to help you ensure your vacation is packed with enjoyment and exciting adventures!

When you’re not relaxing in your Maui condo, there’s plenty to keep you entertained including some of the island’s most loved shows and luaus. The Drums of the Pacific, Cirque du Soleil Show, Old Lahaina Luau, and Feast at Lele are just a few of the activities you’ll enjoy.

Whale watching and helicopter tours are other adventures you won’t want to miss out on. Until you’ve seen them in their natural habitat, you can’t imagine how it really feels to see the whales; in fact, every year there are countless tourists who flock to the island primarily to see the Humpback whales in person! Helicopter tours are highly popular for those who want to experience the awesome scenery of the island from above.

Passionate about underwater life? You won’t want to miss out on snorkeling among the abundant coral reefs, turtles, and tropical fish as you have a blast while getting “up close and personal” with the magical underwater world.

If you’ve never surfed, you’ll love soaking up the sun while having the most fun you’ve ever had in your life. Everyone has seen surfing on television, but if you’ve never actually participated in this fun sport yourself, you can’t possibly know how exhilarating the feeling is until you “catch” your first wave! Don’t worry – you don’t have to go it alone as there are professionals with vast experience who will guide you along on this fun learning experience.

What about dinner and cocktails on the sea? If you love the water and the relaxation it provides, you’ll enjoy having dinner and cocktails on a sunset tour with that special person in your life. What could be more romantic?

Of course you can enjoy hiking, Maui biking tours, riding a zipline, or browsing the unique shops as you look for souvenirs to bring back to loved ones and friends – or you can relax on the spectacular beaches and do nothing at all. It’s your vacation, so you can be as relaxed or as active as you choose!

At the end of the day, nothing compares to relaxing in one of our Maui condo vacation rentals. At Honua Kai’s Finest, we provide upscale accommodations for those who want everything they would enjoy at home at their fingertips, while vacationing! When only the best will do, look no further than our condos in Maui – all featuring the amenities that make vacationing a pleasure and as comfortable as if you were home.

You’ve Booked A Maui Condo Rental: Celebrate Halloween On The Island!

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If you’ll be vacationing in Maui over the Halloween holiday, congratulations! This is one of the most celebrated holidays on the island, and your entire family is sure to have a blast. While booking a luxurious Maui condo rental for vacation is the smartest thing you could’ve done, coming to Hawaii during October (and especially for Halloween) is perhaps your second wisest choice! Here are some of the things you can look forward to.

The Keiki Parade is family friendly, with fun activities for the little ones such as face painting and great photo opportunities. This parade begins at 4 p.m. on Front Street; however, if you don’t have children with you it’s fun to hang around later for the adult costumes and a little partying!

In Lahaina, the Halloween holiday is somewhat inspired by Mardi Gras in The Big Easy. You may think you’re on Bourbon street considering the crowds, costumes, and beads being thrown down from lanais. There’s no drinking in the streets, and be ready for tens of thousands of people converging on Front Street.

The Halloween celebration in Lahaina is the biggest one of its kind in Hawaii!

Lots of great music and dancing. Many of the hotels and restaurants offer live music and entertainment, and the shows are amazing. Because all of the venues are smaller, you’ll enjoy a cozy atmosphere without the huge crowds you’ll see out in the streets. Be sure to check out live performances at the Pioneer Inn or Campbell Park as well.

When you spend Halloween in Maui, you get to enjoy all the fun rather than staying home to hand out candy when all those trick-or-treaters come to the door. This may be one of the biggest perks of spending the holiday on the island!

Whenever you visit the island, whether your vacation is centered around a holiday or any other time of year, be sure to check out our spectacular Maui condo rentals. From one, two, and three bedroom luxury suites, you’ll enjoy the amazing views and sounds of the ocean as our facility is situated on beautiful Ka’anapali Beach. Make your reservation now at Honua Kai’s Finest!

Maui Condo Rentals – How To Avoid The Tourist Crowds

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Now that it’s Fall, you may be considering a trip to Maui. Our Maui condo rentals provide luxurious accommodations, but what about the time you spend outside your vacation rental? Lots of people love the tourists and crowds, however if you’re the type who prefers more peaceful, relaxing surroundings you may be in need of a little assistance – and we’re here to provide it!

First, be aware that Fall is the best time of your to vacation on Maui. Why? Summer months are super-crowded with kids on summer break from school, and lots of people seek out the warmer weather in winter months making it another crowded season. During the spring, the island’s not as crowded but traffic can get a little heavier with Spring Break. Fall is the perfect time to visit if you’re not crazy about crowds.

Planning to tour the jungles of Hana? It’s a popular sightseeing tour, but you’ll want to arrive prior to 10 a.m. You’ll love experiencing both the awesome ocean views and the lush green vegetation encompassing breathtaking waterfalls!

Prefer a beach that isn’t packed with people? You may want to consider Palauea Beach in South Maui, a beach that provides a more tranquil setting. In Maui, you won’t find a private beach. This means that if you’re willing to scout around, you’ll likely come across a beach or two that others won’t discover. West Maui’s Ironwoods and East Maui’s Hamoa Beach are a bit more secluded than the extremely crowded Kaanapali and Wailea Beaches.

Love browsing unique, charming shops and local restaurants in an area with a small-town feel? Instead of the more crowded beach towns of Lahaina or Paia, you might want to consider Makawao Town.

Love unique artwork? You’ll want to avoid the more “touristy” art galleries and consider those who showcase the unique work of local artists such as Cesere Brothers in Paia and Maui Hands in Kahakuloa.

Of course you can always relax in peaceful solitude in your Maui condo rental! While we know it’s all about getting out, having fun, and learning about local culture, you’ll be happy to have spacious, luxurious surroundings with all of the conveniences you could want at the end of the day.

At Honua Kai’s Finest, our Maui vacation rentals include condominiums that are anything but ordinary! Enjoy the ultimate vacation experience and book your Maui condo rental today!

Vacationing On Maui? Choosing A Condo Or Other Vacation Rental

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With the plethora of Maui condo rentals and other vacation rentals to choose from, making your final choice can be overwhelming. At Honua Kai’s Finest, we have a few suggestions below to help make choosing your vacation accommodations a bit easier.

First, what area are you interested in on the island? If you’ve had friends or family vacation on Maui, they can probably give you a few pointers. For the most part, vacationers love the West and South sides of Maui. East Maui and the North Shore are also popular and offer their own particular charm, however the West side is where you’ll find Maui’s most famous “signature” beach, Kaanapali Beach.

What type of vacation rental are you looking for? From houses to condos and hotels, it’s important to keep in mind how much room you need depending on your own preferences/how many people will be staying in the rental, the amenities and conveniences you want, whether you want a swimming pool just steps away or easy access to the beach, numbers of bedrooms, etc. Many who come to Maui prefer condos because of all of the features – full kitchen, laundry, amazing views, spaciousness, all the comforts of home.

How will the costs be split? Budget is a critical factor for many people when vacationing on Maui. While the cost of a condo or house may seem out of range, consider the cost of a hotel room for a night – and what you don’t get, which is lots of space to stretch out and relax, a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals if you want, multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, a living room, etc. If there are several friends or families going, splitting the costs can make it much easier on the budget. Also consider the time of year you’ll vacation, as prices for Maui condo rentals or other vacation properties often drop during the off-season.

Do your due diligence. It’s vital to perform thorough research when you’re headed for Maui! Check out several websites, take a look at reviews, compare prices, and make sure the management company has high standards of quality and is reputable. Of course you’ll also want to take a look at all the photos of various properties!

If you ultimately decide on a Maui condo rental, be sure to browse our website! Enjoy all of the conveniences you could want in a Five Star Resort setting at Honua Kai’s Finest. We look forward to seeing you soon!