FAQ – Top Things To Do When Vacationing In Maui

vacationing in maui

When it’s your first trip to Maui, it’s easy to be uncertain of exactly what it is you want to do while vacationing. So much to see, so much culture, the amazement of experiencing the tropical beauty. Naturally, if you’re planning a vacation, you’ll want to secure your Maui condo rental well in advance, but what are the top attractions and things you don’t want to miss? We have a few suggestions.

If you love the beach, Ka’anapali is one of the most popular, and it’s where our vacation rentals are located. Most people who vacation in Hawaii do so because of the warm climate, beautiful surroundings, and because of the many beaches and other activities that lend to an active outdoor lifestyle. Ka’anapali Beach in Lahaina is where you can relax and soak up the sun or enjoy a sunset sailing cruise with live music, a guided jet boat tour, snorkeling, or a romantic walk at sunset, among other things.

Water tours, sailing, cruises and Road to Hana luxury tours are other favorites among those who vacation on Maui. For those more adventurous, and who enjoy an element of danger, the Road to Hana tour is one that won’t disappoint, with lots of curves, bends, and bridges that offer plenty of scenic photo opportunities and lots of things to enjoy and sights to see along the way. If you’re not worried about meeting another vehicle on a narrow road and having to back up on steep cliffs, the Road to Hana is an epic adventure for those who don’t mind a challenge.

From whale watching cruises and green sea turtle adventures, for those who enjoy snorkeling, to a sunset luau and the Ulalena Show at Maui Theatre, there are so many things to see and do you won’t be able to accomplish it all in one visit! So many landmarks, such as Banyan Tree Park, to the Haleakala Maui Sunrise Tour, to great dining experiences at The Feast at Lele and Old Lahaina Luau Maui, it’s hard to decide what all you want to do while vacationing in Maui. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never have a dull moment!

It’s nearly impossible to compose a “top 10” list, or any other list, when it comes to a Maui vacation. Our island is one that’s diverse and offers enjoyment, adventure, relaxation, and fun for anyone who visits! Once you experience the culture and atmosphere, you’ll be anxious to come back. If you’re planning a vacation to our amazing island, be sure to book your Maui condo rental well in advance!

Frequently Asked Questions – Is There A ‘Best’ Time To Vacation In Maui?

vacation in maui

Honestly, any time of the year is a great time to visit Maui – but the BEST time for you depends a lot on what it is you want to do most when you get here! No matter when you visit, you’ll definitely want to check out our Maui condo rentals. Now, we’ll give you a few suggestions about how to figure out when you want to schedule your vacation.

First off, there are basically two seasons in Maui, summer and winter. Winter begins about November and lasts through March, and during this time, it’s a bit cooler with a little more rain. Winter conditions are also a bit less humid than during the summer season, which lasts from April through October. In Hawaii, it can rain when you least expect it, as with most cities or locales located on the ocean, but it usually doesn’t last long.

Winter months are when Maui experiences the most visitors, and you probably know why – it’s when people are trying to escape the cold where they live! Summer months bring lots of families vacationing while the kids are out of school. During what would be considered spring and fall in most states (for instance October or November, or April and May) you’ll find it’s less crowded and prices are often lower than during prime tourist season. From fun activities and events to accommodations, you’ll find lots of discounts during these periods.

If you love water sports, you may want to avoid visiting Maui during February and March, as this is the peak time for whale-watching and parasailing, jet skiing, and other activities may not be allowed. However, if whale watching is on your to-do list, February or March is the perfect time to come!

Summer months may be a better option if you’re anticipating exploring all of the great hiking opportunities, as the rain in winter season may affect the trails and your hiking experience.

Many who visit Maui are interested in festivals, parades, and cultural celebrations and events. These events take place year-round, but you can easily find out what’s going on by searching online, whether you’re interested in a marathon, canoe race, a PGA golf tournament, or other special events and attractions, such as the “Festivals of Aloha” every fall. If you can dream it, it’s available on Maui!

So when is the best time to vacation in Maui? Whenever you want to, according to your interests. There’s no bad time, considering the warm climate and amazing tropical surroundings all year long!

Whenever you choose to visit, be sure to choose your accommodations carefully! You want plenty of space, great views, and close proximity to the beach, food, shopping, and more. Our Maui condo rentals provide all of this and much more – well-appointed luxurious spaces, where you’ll feel right at home on the beach!

Traveling To Maui – What Should You Know Before You Go

traveling to maui

You may have already made up your mind to book a Maui condo rental when you started making plans for your vacation, but do you really know much about the island? If you haven’t visited before, there are a few things you’ll probably find interesting, and maybe even surprising! Below, we’ve listed a few things you may want to know before traveling to Maui – also referred to as the “Valley Isle,” in case you didn’t know!

The population is about 144,000. Second in size only to the “Big” Island of Hawaii, Maui has been around for over a million years and was formed by a volcano.

From California, it’s just a few hours away. You can fly to Maui from California in about six hours, not too long of a flight, although for some it seems like Hawaii is on the other side of the world!

Leave your dressier attire at home. In Maui, it’s all about casual, so all you’ll need to bring along are shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops and maybe something from Tommy Bahama for the men. Relaxed is what it’s all about – nothing stiff in Maui!

Nothing’s cheap on Maui. You probably already figured that, but gas, food, and most other things are a bit pricier in Hawaii. This isn’t simply because the islands attract so many tourists; the primary reason is that nearly everything must be shipped in. There are things you’ll find suit your budget, and not everything comes at a luxury price. If you stay in one of our Maui condo rentals you can buy groceries and cook meals in your well-appointed kitchen to save some serious cash on eating out every meal.

You’ll want a rental car. You’ll save by renting, when compared to taking a taxi to any destinations that are too far to walk, and you’ll definitely want to leave your resort to explore all of the beaches, culture, entertainment, and other things going on around the island.

Don’t be surprised to see “Don’t feed the hippies” signs if you travel up to the north shore! The upcountry area on Maui and around Paia town definitely has a hippy vibe, something many people appreciate – after all, Maui is a laid-back kind of place.

Maui is a unique vacation destination you’ll thoroughly enjoy when escaping the everyday hustle and bustle of life. To ensure your comfort and convenience (not to mention, spectacular ocean views), be sure to check out our Maui condo rentals!

What You Need To Know In Terms Of Accommodations When It Comes To Vacationing In Maui

vacationing in maui

Are you planning your first trip to Maui for a relaxing, spectacular vacation? If so, you’re probably wondering whether you should choose a Maui condo rental, villa, hotel, or other accommodation. So many options, and choosing can be a challenge. We’ve included some information below to help you make an important decision.

Vacation homes, bed and breakfasts, condos, and resorts – so much to choose from! There are advantages to each, but many who vacation in Maui are very particular when it comes to where they stay – especially if they want magnificent views of the coastline, beach, or ocean; or easy access to water, shopping, entertainment, and dining options.

Naturally, hotels are well-known, and perhaps a good option if you’re on a tight budget and don’t really care about amenities. Views are limited, space is usually tight. Most don’t offer kitchens where you can prepare meals or living areas where you can stretch out and watch television or just relax.

Bed and breakfasts usually provide a private room in someone’s home, and you may find other vacationers staying at the B & B as well. In most cases, the kitchen is shared, and while it’s a cozy experience, you may not have the privacy you prefer, with other people sharing the living and kitchen spaces with you. Many find this an authentic experience and love staying at a B & B.

Vacation home rentals are an economical choice for those who intend to stay for several weeks or who bring extended family or lots of friends along. While it’s an experience similar to being in your own home, renting a vacation home can be expensive, unless you have several others who agree to split the costs. If you have the financial means and dream of a beach cottage, go for it!

Condo rentals are one of the most popular choices for those vacationing in Maui, because many provide spectacular views, kitchens with all of the amenities you need, spacious and luxurious design, and unparalleled guest services. Whether one bedroom or three or more, condos offer privacy and upscale decor, and are oftentimes located right on the beach, much like our accommodations on Ka’anapali Beach, where you can literally walk outdoors and be on the beach in seconds, or take in awesome views of the ocean and surroundings from inside or while relaxing on the lanai. Perfect for couples, large families with children, or groups of friends who want to get away and experience the tropical island life and benefits of a resort.

Located on Ka’anapali Beach, Honua Kai Maui condo rentals are the most luxurious you will find when vacationing on one of the most beautiful and breathtaking islands in the world. Spacious, relaxing, well-appointed, and offering awe-inspiring views, you’ll find our vacation accommodations unsurpassed by other vacation rentals!