Headed To Maui For The Great Surfing? January’s One Of The Best Months

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If you’re headed to Maui to surf in January, hopefully you’ve already secured one of our Maui condo rentals, as vacation accommodations go fast this time of year! January is an ideal month for those who enjoy surfing. While some come to our beautiful island to relax and kick back, others are looking for action and adventure – and there’s plenty of that to be had, whether you like to hike, bike, cruise the ocean, hang glide, tour the island via helicopter, or even ride a zipline.

Why is January a good month for those passionate about surfing? On the island’s North Shore, the swells generate those huge barrel waves experienced surfers love. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll find plenty of opportunities where the waves are a bit gentler, whether on the north, south, or west shores. In West Maui, where our vacation rentals are located, there are surf schools and local experts that are happy to help beginning surfers not only find the best spot, but provide lessons so you’ll advance to a higher level in no time!

If you’re an advanced surfer, you’ll want something a bit more challenging and exciting, but not to worry. Maui’s North Shore offers both Honolua Bay and Hookipa, however, it’s important to not barge in on anyone’s fun if you go to Hookipa, as it’s the most popular destination on the island for advanced surfers. Wait for your turn and you’ll see that the experience is definitely worth the wait!

Regardless of whether you’re an advanced surfer or at the beginner level, there are ample opportunities around Maui. Because it can get fairly windy during the afternoons, which impacts the waves and your enjoyment, you may want to consider surfing in the morning when things are a bit calmer.

Always be safe and heed any warnings about the weather or jellyfish, and be careful not to cut yourself on the reef. Surfing is a hugely popular activity on the island, but being careful can’t be stressed enough!

Sand, surf, sun and fun. Sounds amazing, and it is! If you’re coming our way over the next few weeks or at the turn of the new year, be sure to book one of our fabulous Maui condo rentals. Browse our beautiful, luxurious accommodations on our website, or contact us today.

Vacationing In Maui – Things To Do For Those Who Love The Ocean

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Many people vacationing in Maui do so primarily because of the beautiful beaches and ocean. What comes to mind when you think of Hawaii? Sand, beaches, and water, for most people. If you’ve booked one of our Maui condo rentals and are heading to the island in search of ocean activities, there are plenty to choose from! We’ve listed a few below, to help you dream of the fun you’ll have before you ever arrive.

Naturally, swimming is something the entire family can enjoy in the cool, clear waters, where you can float, swim, or just lay in the sun and drink in the beauty that surrounds you.

Scuba diving is a favorite ocean activity for those who are certified, and where better to experience ocean life than in Maui? Today, you can even travel at high speeds with a scooter between your legs!

And how about “snuba” diving? If you haven’t heard of the latest trend, this is a combination of scuba diving and snorkeling. No air tank is required for snuba diving, and it doesn’t require certification or experience. Instead of strapping on a heavy tank to supply air, the tank is connected above you, to a small raft that sits on top of the water. Instead of staying close to the surface, as you would with snorkeling, you can explore the ocean depths with ease!

Surfing and bodyboarding are other favorite water activities, whether you enjoy shortboarding, stand-up paddling, or body or wind surfing. Bodyboarding and big wave surfing are other options you will enjoy, depending on the swell and weather conditions.

Rather go fishing or kayaking? No problem, as Maui offers ample opportunities for those who enjoy the physical challenge of kayaking or catching their own dinner. Various charters are available for Maui bottom fishing, and kayaking is ideal for those who enjoy snorkeling and want to “get at” those areas that are a bit more difficult to access.

Sailing is a relaxing, peaceful experience on the island and visitors love enjoying the breathtaking sunsets while sailing, after an afternoon taking in the gorgeous mountains and spectacular surroundings.

For those who love nothing better than a thrilling challenge, spearfishing is a favorite ocean activity rivaled only by surfing. Imagine holding your breath while you’re trying to spear a fish that moves with incredible speed! A huge challenge, but thoroughly rewarding for those who succeed.

Sunset cruises, touring the depths of the ocean via submarine, and cliff diving are some other water adventures you’ll love. Whether your intention is to relax on the clear, pristine waters or engage in an activity that’s a bit more challenging, there’s something for everyone when it comes to the ocean!

After a waterlogged day, no doubt, you’ll want a comfortable place to relax, unwind, and get a wonderful night’s sleep so you’ll be prepared and rejuvenated for the next day’s activities. Our Maui condo rentals are luxurious, spacious, comfortable, and well-appointed, with all of the features and amenities you could imagine. Book yours today, before it’s too late!

Honua Kai’s Finest – Saving When Vacationing In Maui

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Most people think vacationing in Maui will cost a small fortune – and it can, if you don’t do your research and plan accordingly. While you may want to consider one of our Maui condo rentals so you can relax, enjoy privacy and spectacular views, and have all of the luxuries (equipped kitchen, bedrooms, the latest technology, etc.) at your disposal, and not be stepping over your friends or family members trying to make room in a hotel room, there are lots of other ways to stay within you budget. Check out our tips below!

The thing is, you don’t have to sacrifice fun or enjoyment during your vacation. The trick is to be smart, whether it comes to visiting during certain times of the year (when resorts and hotels are offering discounts), car rentals, dining out, airfare, or enjoying other savings.

Naturally airfare is a big expense, but if you plan your vacation during a slower season, compare the prices of various airlines, what the cost is if you fly overnight compared to busier times or even the days of the week, or whether it’s cheaper to fly during the holiday season or at a time when it isn’t a holiday – you can save substantially.

Car rentals are a big deal. Most people like having a vehicle at their disposal to tour around the island, but renting a car can quickly deplete your vacation budget. So, how can you save on a car rental for your Maui vacation? Compare rental quotes on various online sites, and be sure to research whether taxes, fees, or other costs are included. Many people save substantially on rental vehicles by using the “Name Your Own Price” service to bid on certain types of cars, vans, etc. at Priceline.com.

Save on dining out and other activities/entertainment with the Hawaii Entertainment Book. Lots of discount coupons and a great selection, saving you a ton of money. From shopping and attractions to eating and other special deals, you’ll enjoy 50% off coupons and 2 for 1 deals – great bargains.

Learn about all of the fun FREE things there are to do on Maui. From soaking up the sun on the beach to driving the Road to Hana or hiking; driving to Tedeschi Winery, where you’ll experience stunning views, boogie boarding, or taking hula lessons (or a free hula show); there are plenty of fun activities and enjoyment on Maui to be had without spending a dime. Again, take time before your trip to research all of the no-cost things your family can enjoy!

You can have a blast on vacation without emptying out your pockets, and all it takes is some pre-planning. Considering the hundreds or even thousands of dollars you’ll be saving with our suggestions, you’ll definitely want to check out our Maui condo rentals and the special deals we have throughout the year!

Vacationing In West Maui? Lahaina And Kaanapali Offer Plenty To See And Do!

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Maybe you’ve booked one of our Maui condo rentals for November or even December. Since we’re located on Ka’anapali Beach, lots of vacationers prefer to stay close when it comes to activities, dining, golfing, and ocean fun. Not to worry, with Lahaina and Ka’anapali neighboring each other in West Maui, there’s more to do than you could imagine. Here are a few of our top recommendations.

When it comes to museums, whale watching tours, ocean activities, art galleries, golfing, dining, and just having a huge time, no other area of the island compares to West Maui. Imagine yourself soaking up the sun on the beach, savoring new foods you’ve never tried before at local restaurants, or even horseback riding. It’s all here!

November is the perfect time to enjoy whale watching or take a snorkel tour. The North Pacific Humpback whales are truly a sight to behold as they grace the shorelines for several months, typically November through May.

You don’t have to go any further than Front Street in Lahaina to experience some of the most amazing surf shops, clothing boutiques, crafts, tropical cocktails, rare Maui art, and of course, great food! The perfect place to people-watch, or take in all of the historical flavor.

If you’re a history buff, you sure don’t want to miss the historic sites in Lahaina, including the Lahaina Heritage Museum, Wo Hing Museum, Hale Pa’i Museum, Pioneer Mill Smokestack and Locomotives, the Master’s Reading Room, and the Lahaina Historical Trail, to name just a few!

Golfing is another favorite for those who are passionate about the game, and there are plenty of fabulous courses in West Maui you can check out, including the Plantation Course, which is the site of the PGA’s Tournament of Champions. Who knows? You may see a few faces you recognize here.

Where’s the best place to find yourself on horseback? Ironwood Ranch, of course. With panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and a journey that takes you across unspoiled terrain where you’ll enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery on the island, this is a must-do for those who enjoy horseback riding.

This is just the short list – there are so many things to see and do in West Maui you’ll never be able to accomplish it all in one day, or even two or three! If you’re vacationing in West Maui, be sure to browse our Maui condo rentals for a relaxed, home-sweet-home stay that’s right in the middle of all the fun!